The Bell and Blossom


More upmarket than The Yardarm, and less expensive than The Phoenix Inn, The Bell and Blossom is a friendly establishment in the town square of Loroven, run by a half-elf Ferena, with a resident minstrel, Doraiya.

Small, modestly appointed rooms (6 available) – 5sp

Fresh salmon with green beans and mash – 2sp
Mussels in cider sauce – 1sp
Parsnip and squash soup – 6cp

Grayson’s Ale, pitcher – 2sp
Tanagyr’s Stout, mug – 8cp
Tayver Wine, cup – 4cp
Spiced Mead, mug – 3cp
Winter Ale, mug – 2cp
Therian Sour Ale, mug – 1cp
Firewine, cup – 1cp

Antitoxin (2 available) – 50gp
Potion of Healing (3 available) – 50gp
Rations, fine – 1sp
Rations, basic – 5cp
Waterskin – 2cp

“You seem like a nice lot. What can I get for you?”

The Bell and Blossom

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