The Dreams of the Dragon Kings

After resting from your battle, you headed north through a locked door to the room with the yellow mould and were set upon by animated armour and two skeletons. Dispatching them quickly, you pushed west into a small dining room, fighting off another four skeletons and heading south to a smaller chamber with a number of large barrels. Finding a strange yellow substance in the base of one barrel, you decided that Thauvin should set fire to it, and lo, a flaming ochre jelly slithered out to engage you all. After managing to slice it into two smaller jellies and up the ante, reduced it to a dead puddle of goo and moved on to loot the offerings from the alter of Ulaa in the next room.

Able to go no further due to more collapsed ceilings, you doubled back toward the north-western-most room, killed a handful more skeletons and then preceded down to the level below. In the first chamber you spied a set of large ornate double doors ahead with a puzzle lock on the door. Part of the room had collapsed in, crumbling one of two great statues with it and a pedestal in the centre had the spilled remains of a broken glass tank. A crystal lay shattered on the floor, while another sat in the hands of the undamaged statue, behind which a doorway had been revealed. Following the passageway led you to a large room with a floor to ceiling mirror on the far wall reflecting everything in the room but you. Two statues stood in either corner, one had had a masterwork shield placed in it’s hand, and the other a masterwork rapier set with a ruby (matching the description of the one stolen from Pellion’s father) in its outstretched hand. As Thauvin approached the mirror, his reflection appeared in the glass, its actions slightly delayed, and he spied a short passage beyond. After some conversation and experimentation with some beef jerky, Melfice tied a rope around Thauvin and dipped him to and through the mirror to see what was beyond. On the other side, a creature looking very much like Thauvin stared back, and promptly boxed him around the ears, knocking him unconscious.

Ola, the Monk, Melfice and Brigit pushed through the mirror and pursued the doppelganger into the next chamber, avoiding a mirror that had been placed in the floor opening up a passage below, and having intimidated it into a corner, killed it swiftly. Some bright spark noticed indentations in the walls and the ceiling into which the mirror would also fit, and so methodically, you worked your way around each of the walls, revealing a hungry mimic in one chamber, a set of three potions in another (one, that after a taste test, turned out to be poison disguised as a healing potion), and three magical scrolls in the last – including a banishment scroll which Brigit promptly used to rid the Sword of Doromen of its vengeful spirit while the rest of you rested.

Clambering on one another’s shoulders in order to place the mirror into the slot in the ceiling, you managed to climb up into the chamber above and then down over 50ft of stairs to a large, dark chamber with sheer marble walls and soft mulch underfoot. Spying platforms high above you that you could not reach, you nevertheless explored the dark room, and as Thauvin discovered a gleaming pearl pendant half buried in the dirt, Melfice managed to sweep in just in time to save him from an attacking shadow. Making haste with your exit, you all hurried back up the staircase and into the mirror room, taking the final passage downward and finding yourselves back in the same room on the upper platforms.

Melfice and Thauvin and Ola worked together to navigate the puzzle: Ola holding down one lever while Melfice and Thauvin floated across the room on a moving platform, and just as Melfice was about the repeat the process on the other side, you were attacked by two more shadows which got a hold of Melfice and Thauvin, draining away some of your strength before you managed to kill them. When you could see no more shadows, you got Thauvin transported across to the final platform where he entered a small chamber and found the puzzle key in a wooden box.

On your way back to main chamber you discovered that the rapier with the ruby had been removed from the statue and that the passage behind you through the mirror was now closed, and in the next room, you were greeted by the voice of a young woman, Adelyn, who stepped out of the shadows. She offered to trade you the keystone for the rapier, but you refused, and then offered to give it to you if you would allow her to enter the vault with you and take first pick of what was inside. Again, you refused, and so Adelyn with lightning movement seized the keystone from Thauvin’s hands, and almost managed to dodge him as he grappled her. Almost, but not quite. The rest of you beat her to within an inch of her life while Thauvin kept hold of her, and at the first opportunity. she begged for her life and grudgingly you accepted. She said she hoped you survived the vault, and that she would see you again, disappearing in to the shadows holding her gaping wounds. (No storyteller bias here, honest!)

XP Round-Up
20xp for 1x lock, 400xp for 2x animated armour + 150xp for 2x skeletons, 300xp for 4x skeletons, 450xp for 1x ochre jelly, 450xp for 6x skeletons, 700xp for 1x doppelganger, 50xp for figuring out how to open the doors in the mirror room, 450xp for 1x mimic, 100xp for 1x shadow in the lower room, 300xp for 2x shadows in the upper room on difficult terrain and 30xp for navigating the moving platform room without errors.
3400xp/5 party members: 680xp per character.

Added to previous sessions’ xp (4312/1847) puts Melfice, Thauvin and Brigit on 4992xp, and Ola and the Monk on 2527xp!



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