The Dreams of the Dragon Kings

Following crude drawings from Melfice, Ola and the Monk caught up with the rest of you while you were resting, roundly mocked Thauvin’s loss of beard and then carried on through the ruins after discussing the encounters and findings thus far.

You discovered the remains of a war room with a scattering of hand carved figurines and part of a message which read ‘…in the skies to the west. Make preparations.’ You found a door that had been wedged shut from the outside and within you fought a hungry carrion crawler. In the south-east passages you passed through several locked chambers including a guard room, some cells – one containing the corpse of a bugbear and the other (its bars prised apart, warping the still locked door out of its frame) a small gold and brass pendant with a Dwarven crest which you identified as belonging to the line of Dorogur, father of Doromen, and the guard captain’s office which had been locked and barred from the inside. Among other items in the office, you discovered another scroll which read ‘The rogue seems to have been driven mad, and has been imprisoned after coming to blows with Elthos. We await an escort from Glosomer.’

Then, climbing down to the level below through the collapsed floor in the northernmost chamber, you encountered a hall littered with skeletons and a pair of suits of armour flanking a door to the south, and passages to the east and west. Investigating the heavy carpet in the main hall to see if it concealed something, you managed to disturb a yellow mould and Ola was almost laid low having been caught in a cloud of it. Investigating the rooms to the east, you passed through an empty chamber and managed to avoid walking into the embrace of a gelatinous cube in the chamber beyond – thankfully Thauvin spotted it in time and you managed to back away and take it down before it engulfed any of your party. You looted its remains and moved on south, picked a lock and found yourselves in a bedchamber, untouched by the ravages that had damaged so much of the rest of the fort. Avoiding the trap on the chest, you picked the lock and discovered a set of masterwork studded leather and rust-coloured clerics robes inside. The dresser yielded some more valuables and Thauvin spotted that it might be moved to reveal a secret door behind. Triggering the opening mechanism, you were presented with a small chamber stained with blood and viscera with an altar to Nerull at one end, and the skeleton of a shackled dwarf displayed across it.

Heading back west, you entered a small corridor in which a voice spoke to you part in Undercommon and part via telepathy from the darkness. Having failed to catch it unawares, Melfice struck up a conversation with the spectator, a lesser beholder which referred to himself as ‘Thing’ and learned that he had not seen his master in over a hundred years, and that he left his last post when the fires came. He warned you of the ‘darkness’ below, and mentioned that he guarded a secret door, and so at the first opportunity Melfice attacked and you made short work of him. Investigating the secret door that he said he guarded, you found a small chamber but there was no sign of treasure or further secrets within. Having checked the route south and found a crawlspace in a broken down room that lead up the mountainside, and a chamber with stairs leading down again, you decided to head back north to finish clearing the current level of the dungeon, and picked your way into a locked recreational room where a dozen or more skeletons lay among overturned chairs and tables and bookcases and a great deal of dried blood. Ten of them animated when you stepped foot inside, and though you took quite a beating, between you you managed to finally crush them all back to bone dust and heal your wounds.

XP Round-Up
450xp for 1x carrion crawler, 50xp for 2x locks, 30xp for history check, 40xp for 2x locks, 450xp for 1x gelatinous cube, 20xp for religion check, 50xp for 2x locks, 30xp for 1x trap, 30xp for finding a secret door, 20xp for religion check, 700xp for 1x spectator, 30xp for secret door, 20xp for 1x lock and 1000xp for 10x skeletons.
2920xp/5 party members: 584xp per character.

Added to previous sessions’ xp (3728/1263) puts Melfice, Thauvin and Brigit on 4312xp, and Ola and the Monk on 1847xp!



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