Commander of the Black Arrows


Bastian is a handsome, grizzled, tattooed fellow in his late forties with battle scars in abundance and a grubby black cloth over his heavily scarred right eye. He’s a ranger by trade, usually seen in his chainmail with a bow at his back and a scimitar at his side, and the rank insignia of Commander of the Black Arrows on the shoulder of his cloak.


Bastian was born and raised a bandit in the aftermath of the civil war, in the north-west near Danzia. In the follies of his youth, he even worked alongside goblins for a short while; never again. He’s a good humoured fellow and well respected, though it is no secret that he’s known for chasing skirts (and tail). He lost the use of his right eye ten years ago, and was present at the reclaiming of Loroven. He has been commanding the mercenary company, the Black Arrows for some twenty years.


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