The Dreams of the Dragon Kings

You set off with Fulaine at first light up to Moredan, and while Fulaine and a few of the miners went to check the mines, you began to help the villagers rebuild some of the damaged structures and bury their dead. Thauvin and Brigit kept the children amused with tales and music and magic. Brigit vanished into the woods awhile and returned with a new pseudodragon familiar, and you settled for a night in Moredan, and returned the next day to Redvale where you collected your reward.

Thauvin gave some of his portion to Finn, and he and Ola went and commissioned an armoured parasol for Melfice to shield himself from the sun, and to use as cover, if need be. Meanwhile Melfice went to give the news to Brogan that they had persuaded the Merchants Guild to reconsider his membership, and Brogan gave him some information on how to identify if a thieves guild was operating in a town and how to contact them. Whilst availing yourselves of Neris’ hospitality, you managed to cause a bit of friction by discussing a possible future as an adventurer with Brys, however you closed the matter by suggesting perhaps she train up to protect her home rather than to wander in search of trouble.

A chat with Lothion at the Champion’s Rest revealed that his adventuring days had been brought to a close by stumbling upon a nest of vampires to which he lost his entire party, and The Monk suggested he put his former livelihood to some use in training up new fighters to protect Redvale in the future, including Brys. Gamley told you of his many travels around the human world and the various establishments in which he had played, and requested that if you were to discover any other good establishments on your travels that might welcome a minstrel, that you send him word as he is looking to move on. Brigit then seduced the halfling and took him off to bed, while Fulaine asked you to take a sealed letter with you to Loroven to be put into the hands of DItri, commander of the Ironstrike – and specified that it should go into no one else’s hands.

XP Round-Up
50xp for helping the villagers to rebuild their homes, 50xp for giving Finn the means to secure her sister’s safety, 50xp for setting up a contingency to protect Redvale in future and 50xp for character developing rp.
200xp/5 party members: 40xp per character.

Added to previous sessions’ xp (913 p/c) puts you all on 953xp!

Melfice, Thauvin, Brigit and Andos set off on the road to Kagain which was quiet and the journey mostly uneventful. A couple of lonely trade carts trundled up and down the path, and for a moment, you thought you saw something sweeping through the sky over the mountains in the distance, but perhaps it was just a cloud.

In Kagain, a high-walled farming community you were given a slightly tentative welcome from a guardsman, but were shown to The Dancing Nymph where you stopped for food and drink from Goren. Raefe the Guard Captain checked in to greet you and warn you of bugbears on the road, and when pushed told you that he had seen a woman in black leathers with platinum blonde hair pass through one or two nights ago. You stopped in at Branthon’s Emporium briefly and purchased some trinkets from Branthon and then went and rented some mounts from Haseran, setting on toward Loroven at nightfall.

Determined to push on through the night, your journey was interrupted some hours in when in the hills you discovered a gnoll ambush up ahead. The party pushed forward and caught the five gnolls by surprise, and then followed a dirt track up into the hills towards where the pseudodragon had spotted a camp with more gnolls. You were met on the path by two gnoll pack lords and a handful more gnolls and dispatched them, taking some damage along the way. You felled the second wave and paused to heal up before carrying on.

XP Round-Up
25xp for tracking more information on the thief, 750xp for 5x gnolls, 1125xp for 1x gnoll pack lord + 3x gnolls and 975xp for 1x gnoll pack lord + 2x gnolls
2850xp/4 party members (inc. Andos, minus Ola and the Monk: 713xp per character.

Added to previous sessions’ xp (953 p/c) puts Melfice, Thauvin and Brigit on 1666xp, and Ola and the Monk on 953xp!



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