The Dreams of the Dragon Kings

Rounding the tree-lined corner of a road, you came across a dozen Ironstrike soldiers carrying three severely wounded back to Loroven who had been set upon by a pack of dire wolves. Between you and the soldiers left standing you managed to beat them down, killing the last as it attempted to flee. One soldier was lost in the battle. While Thauvin healed some of the lighter wounds from the battle, the rest of you skinned the dire wolves and gave their pelts to the Ironstrike to take with them, and Brigit kept one back for herself. Ola and the Monk then escorted the soldiers back to the Dyan, with instructions from Melfice on where to go to follow after them, while he, Thauvin and Brigit pushed on to the mountains with a warning from the soldiers to look out for an owlbear that had been seen prowling nearby.

Travelling on for another couple of hours until nightfall, you stood with your backs to the setting sun and spied an outcropping in the form of a wolf which pointed you to a small path pushing up the mountainside, and decided to camp for the night before the last stretch to the fort. The first two watches, while Thauvin and Brigit slept, were uneventful, but in the early hours of the morning an owlbear managed to catch the last watch unaware, and with a couple of swift moves, knock Brigit unconscious. Thauvin, in his panic, managed to fumble his bottle of alchemical fire and Melfice awoke to find Thauvin on fire, and Brigit being carried off by the owlbear. Luckily Melfice reacted swiftly enough to drop the owlbear before it could get any further, and help put Thauvin’s flames out – Thauvin having lost half his beard, one eyebrow and some of his hair.

After bringing Brigit to and healing yourselves up, you slept a few more hours before heading up into the mountain under the noonday sun. When you reached the fort, you found a crumbling ruin burnt and blackened with little left standing. Thauvin told you that this was the Fort of Surroth, a Dwarven outpost belonging to the now fallen city of Glosomer to the south. Glosomer was overrun by orcs and goblin hordes some 45 years ago, orcs from the south and goblins from the north – and no warning was given. Many believe that, had the fort sent warning of the goblin hordes moving south, the dwarves would have had time to prepare for an attack on both fronts and may have managed to hold the city. Why word was not sent from the fort was unknown at the time, and the years have allowed rumours of treachery to fill the void.

The stairs to the lower level led only to a collapsed passageway, but you found a chamber on the surface that had caved in to a room below, and just as you began to climb down, a pair of gargoyles swept in to attack you from the crumbling towers. Realising quickly that your weapons did little to harm them, you backed into the shadows and allowed Brigit to concentrate her magical attacks on them one at a time, while Melfice and Thauvin chipped away at them. Once defeated, the gargoyles shattered into stone and dust and you set about exploring the room you had climbed into – once a canteen – and the rooms surrounding it – a collapsed bunk room, and a storage chamber with broken crockery and rotten supplies, in which a skeleton wearing a golden locket was curled up. You also found a couple of intact bottles of Evermead nearby. You then made your way through a muster chamber, and into a room where you found four hobgoblins sitting around a small fire, killed three and lost the fourth as it ran deeper into the complex to warn others. Pushing onward more cautiously, you eventually engaged the remaining hobgoblins and their captain in a huge decorated hall, partially collapsed.

Having searched the bodies, you then discovered a locked store full of ammunition supplies, Thauvin used ‘knock’ to get through a large pair of ornate doors leading to another collapsed room by which the next level down might be reached, and on the way to an empty armoury, Thauvin also spotted the outline of a secret door which he opened. You managed to avoid the trap on the treasure chest inside and opened it to discover a shortsword etched with runes, wrapped in cloth. Thauvin recognised the blade from descriptions, and explained that the sword belonged to a fierce and bloodthirsty Dwarven rogue by the name of Doromen. Doromen belonged to the now fallen city of Glosomer. The story goes that the sword was cursed and that Doromen eventually met his death by it, when he couldn’t back down from a battle.

You settled down into the armoury for a short rest where Brigit spent some time trying to learn about the sword, and confirmed that it was indeed cursed; possessed by a spirit of vengeance which must be banished before it could be safely used.

XP Round-Up
1000xp for 5x dire wolves, 140xp for soldiers left alive, 20xp for healing a soldier and 40xp for donating 4x wolf pelts to the Ironstrike.
1200xp/5 party members: 240xp per character.

1050xp for 1x owlbear, 20xp for history of the Fort of Surroth, 1350 for 2x gargoyles, 30xp for breaking through the warped door, 600xp for 4x hobgoblins, 900xp for 2x hobgoblins + 1x hobgoblin captain, 30xp for picking the lock to the ammo stores, 40xp for finding the secret room, 30xp for opening it, 20xp for finding and evading the dart trap and 30xp for history of the sword of Doromen.
4100xp/3 party members: 1367xp per character.

Added to previous sessions’ xp (2121/1023) puts Melfice, Thauvin and Brigit on 3728xp, and Ola and the Monk on 1263xp!

DING! (Melfice, Thauvin and Brigit have levelled up!)



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