The Yardarm


The Yardarm is pretty much a shithole of a tavern down by the docks in a town already referred to as a ‘hive of scum and villainy’. That said, it’s always packed and is the place to go for information, and is run by a sarcastic dwarf by the name of Hraemr.

Small, sparsely appointed rooms (3 available) – 7cp

Fish stew – 3cp
Bread and hard cheese – 2cp

Tanagyr’s Stout, mug – 7cp
Ruvento Best Bitter, mug – 4cp
Winter Ale, mug – 2cp
Spiced Mead, mug – 2cp
Ghoran Ale, mug – 1cp
Therian Sour Ale, mug – 1cp
Firewine, cup – 1cp

Antitoxin (7 available) - 50gp
Potion of Healing (2 available) – 50gp
Tankard - 2cp
Pitcher – 2cp
Soap – 2cp
Candle – 1cp

“Ask no questions, and I shall tell no lies.”

The Yardarm

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