The Phoenix Inn


A little too upmarket for most of the locals, The Phoenix Inn was built from the wreckage of The Burning Brazier that came before it by husband and wife team from Haelkaedea, Deryn and Elucia.

Large, luxuriously appointed rooms (4 available) – 3gp
Spacious, well-appointed rooms (4 available) – 1gp
Small, modestly appointed rooms (2 available) – 5sp

Whole lobster with swede and shallots – 6sp
Tuna steak with crispy basked potatoes – 4sp
Bacon and mushroom quiche – 1sp

Evermead, bottle – 9gp
Westland Ruby Wine, pitcher – 3gp
Blood Wine, pitcher – 3sp
Saerloonian Topaz Wine, pitcher – 1sp
Tanagyr’s Stout, mug – 8cp
Ruvento Best Bitter, mug – 5cp
Spiced Mead, mug – 3cp
Ghoran Ale, mug – 2cp
Winter Ale, mug – 2cp
Firewine, cup – 2cp

Potion of Healing (3 available) – 50gp
Rations, fine – 1sp

“Ah, weary travellers! Come in, come in – we have the very best to offer.”

The Phoenix Inn

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