The Champion's Rest

The Champion’s Rest is run by a man called Lothion and currently has a resident minstrel by the name of Gamley.

Large, luxuriously appointed rooms (1 available) – 4gp
Spacious, well-appointed rooms (3 available) – 1gp
Small, modestly appointed rooms (3 available) – 5sp

Half roast pheasant and giblets with potatoes and green beans – 8sp
Pork and truffle pie with fresh bread rolls – 5sp
Goat liver pate with cheeseboard – 1sp

Evermead, bottle – 10gp
Westland Ruby Wine, pitcher – 3gp
Blood Wine, pitcher – 3sp
Saerloonian Topaz Wine, pitcher – 1sp
Tanagyr’s Stout, mug – 8cp
Ruvento Best Bitter, mug – 5cp
Spiced Mead, mug – 3cp
Ghoran Ale, mug – 2cp
Winter Ale, mug – 2cp

Antitoxin (5 available) – 50gp
Potion of Healing (3 available) – 50gp
Rations, fine – 1sp

“Would you care for some music to accompany your meal, Sir?”

The Champion's Rest

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