Redvale is market town set on the gentle slope of a grassy valley. The houses around Market Square sit at two, or even three stories high in places, many housing stores or community spaces on the ground floor, while the outer ring is mostly comprised of single story beam and brick buildings. A few arable farms stretch out the east and west where the slopes are shallowest and a small stable marks the entrance to the town from the south. To the north, a wide rubble path zig-zags up the hillside into the sharp incline of the mountainside leading toward the mining village of Moredan and the mines accompanying it.

The town sits in the shadow of Joriah’s Peak, in the Domah region of Icadea. It is home to a few well known artisans who source their materials from the nearby Moredan Mines. It is best known, however, for the Redvale Rubies that are unique to the region, otherwise known as Dragonfire gems.

Key Locations:

Market Square: This is the town centre, and home to a daily food market. Many of the local merchants have stores facing onto this square, at the centre of which stands a lovingly crafted statue of a fierce looking wizard with his arms out-stretched in casting. Along the north-side sits the Champion’s Rest.
The Champion’s Rest: This two storey coach-house inn boasts well-appointed rooms and fine ales, where travellers of means may flitter away their hard earned coin to the tuneful accompaniment of a local minstrel.
The Little Gem: This poky, run-down tavern sits on the southern edge of the town selling cheap food and cheap ales, and putting up the occasional traveller-on-a-budget or drunken patron. It is ‘the local’.
Pellion’s Forge: Pellion is an accomplished ironsmith, selling tools and weapons.
The Best Defence: The local armoursmith is a mountain dwarf by the name of Thorun.
Gen’s Gems: Genevere is a talented jewelsmith, and specialises in one-of-a-kind items boasting the finest Redvale Rubies, for those who can afford such things.
Brogan’s Wares: Brogan sells a variety of basic supplies for both townsfolk and adventuring types.
The Tradesman’s Lodge: This is the local Merchants’ Guildhouse; and is not open to the public.

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