Loroven is a coastal town situated at the mouth of the Dyan river in the Domah region. During the later years of the civil war it was lost to goblin incursions from the south, and it was only twenty five years ago that the town was finally reclaimed and repopulated.

Everything here is an odd mix of the very old and the very new; fragments of the old town extended and renewed or re-fronted; creaky old timber and plaster structures nestled side by side with new brickwork and fresh paint. In the years following its reclamation, Loroven went through something of a boom and new taverns and shops and guildhouses sprang up here and there. The excitement was short-lived, however, and these days Loroven has all the looks of a prosperous and culture-rich settlement, but little of the money or substance. Street crime is common, as are poverty, unemployment and vice; even the newer buildings are starting to look tired and unloved. Despite this, Loroven is the largest town in the Domah region, and still makes a steady income from travellers passing through and Icadeans visiting, either for trade or recreation.

Loroven’s primary industries are fishing and tourism. Two main roads lead in and out of the town, one to the north, a day and a half’s walk to Coren, and one to the west, a three day journey to Kagain. The town also has a crossing for the Dyan, and a small harbour although travel is usually swifter by road than by water.

Key Locations:

The Yardarm: This is a grimy little tavern close by the docks, frequented by many of Loroven’s shadier or less scrupulous residents. It’s run by a dwarf by the name of Hraemr.
The Bell and Blossom: This is a slightly more upmarket tavern in the town centre, serving decent food and offering clean accommodation. Companions are often spotted here. It is run by Ferena.
The Phoenix Inn: This three-storey building is one of the newer features of Loroven, renovated from the ruins of the inn that was destroyed in the incursions from the south. It is run by a husband and wife, Deryn and Elucia and caters to travellers and tourists of both ample and modest means.
Trading Post: A local market consisting mostly of fish and farmed goods runs here every other day of the week, and traders passing through often set up a stall to ply their trade for a few days before moving on.
Town Hall: The town hall has become a temporary barracks and base for the Ironstrike militia and other mercenary bands hired in to engage the goblin hordes to the south of the river Dyan.
The Loroven Companions Guildhouse: A small, well appointed building with reception rooms on the lower level.
Loroven Docks & The Harbour: Numerous small fishing boats are moored along the docks, and a larger caravel sits in the harbour flying a crimson flag with a bronze dragon emblazoned upon it.


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