Kagain is a small farming community on the southern side of the Domah Region, straddling a confluence of two rivers in a valley, where they meet the northern banks of the Dyan. Although the arable and pasture lands extend to the north, east and west across the valley and on to the gentle slopes of the hills, the town itself is contained within high stone walls with only three gateways into or out of town. As a result, the houses inside are built high and close together, many overhanging already narrow alleys. Parts of the town are built over heavy boards where the sounds of fast flowing water can be heard underneath and either side of each gateway are guard towers.
Although the town’s primary trade is in crops and livestock, it is situated along two main trade routes between Suvenn and Loroven, and with Redvale to the north, so the town while not prosperous is certainly comfortable and has access to a wide variety of goods. Loroven and Suvenn are each a three day walk through the hills to the east and west, respectively, while Redvale is a day and a half away, on foot. Unlike many of the towns in the Domah Region, Kagain does have a small number of locally appointed guardsmen, though they are not called upon to do much beyond man the gates and take to the towers with bows and arrows when wandering beasts or goblins get too close to the city borders.

Key Locations:

The Stablemaster: Kagain has a small stable with only a half dozen horses, run by an elf called Haseran. She hails from Ammundae originally, but has been in Kagain for some fifteen years and is well known and liked, and fiercely protective of her animals.
The Dancing Nymph: A coaching inn and drinking establishment in the main thoroughfare of Kagain, run by a man named Goren.
The Guardhouse: This is a small, sturdy looking building by the north gate. The guard captain is a fellow in his fifties, by the name of Raefe.
Branthon’s Emporium: While the market takes care of the food trade, Branthon’s sells all manner of other sundries and miscellaneous goods. Branthon himself is a dwarf, from Theria originally.

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