Pellion is an ironsmith from Redvale, specialising in tools and weaponry.


Pellion is a muscular woman in her thirties, and a little too fond of her drink. She’s a human, broad-shouldered and around 5’8 with straw blonde hair swept back from her face and green eyes.


Like her father before her, Pellion is a well-respected ironsmith, and her shop Pellion’s Forge in Redvale is well-known in the Domah region. She makes most of the tools and weapons for Redvale, Moredan and the surrounding towns. She has also been a steady supplier of arms for the Ironstrike Militia over recent years.

A little too fond of her drink and her gambling, Pellion, when not at her forge in the market square, is usually to be found at The Little Gem.


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