The Dreams of the Dragon Kings

From various towns and through various means, our adventurers arrived in the market town of Redvale, and one by one made your way to The Little Gem to seek out Fulaine who had summoned you there. The reward seemed to have also attracted other adventurers, and gathered to hear Fulaine’s plea in the back of the tavern were Brigit, a young warlock; Thauvin, a dwarven bard; Melfice, a drow rogue; Ola, a half-orc fighter, a tiefling monk with no name; Enger, a human barbarian from Tam; Finn, a young rogue from Loroven; Deos a quiet man in cleric’s garb and Andos a quieter-yet drow in robes.

Fulaine explained that the Ironstrike Militia have been engaged in ongoing battles to the south for several months, and that when the mines were first attacked a couple of weeks ago, there was little anyone could do to stop the onslaught. The accounts suggest a hobgoblin lead a goblin horde through Moredan, killing and burning, with bugbears and worgs in toe – and within a a few days they had taken the mines. Neris, proprietor of The Gem and Fulaine arranged a rescue mission to smuggle children and elderly people out from Moredan to the safety of Redvale but both towns lost people in the fray, and the people remaining in Moredan have barricaded themselves into their homes. The reward Fulaine was offering was 500 gold pieces to the person or persons who liberate the mines and the village, clearing out the goblin scum.

The party discovered Neris’ teenage daughter Brys listening in on Fulaine’s account, and when questioned in private, Brys told you that she thought she could help to liberate the mines; that she was fast with a blade. Ola agreed to put her through her paces, and though fast, it was clear that Brys has little strength or experience. Brys told the party how her father had disappeared some seven months prior when a trade caravan he was escorting was attacked en route to Loroven. The party also spotted a young girl by the name of Shye lurking about The Gem. Brys explained that she was one of the refugees from Moredan, and that she didn’t like speaking to anyone but her. Speaking to Neris, the party learned that there was an older, disused section of mine through which it may be possible to access the current mining tunnels, though the old mine was abandoned after a number of cave ins.

Enger, Deos and Brigit made their way across to The Champion’s Rest to seek lodgings, and met the proprietor Lothion, a former adventurer himself, and his resident minstrel Gamley. Meanwhile, Melfice lost a few games of dice to the young Finn, and then persuaded her to help you milk the crowd for some money for a wrestling match between him and Ola. The shenanigans were taken out into the square, where Pellion the local weaponsmith and a number of other townsfolk threw coins in on the outcome of the fight. When Ola threw the fight, Enger charged out to challenge the victor and promptly lost a fight first to the nameless monk, and then to Melfice. Finn and Melfice split the takings 50:50, and the remainder of the party took lodgings at The Gem, while Andos slipped away to The Rest and Finn seemed to be settling down for a night out on the streets. Brogan a local merchant took the time to tell the party that if you needed anything, he would open up the shop for you day or night.

The following morning the party awoke to the news that Brys had slipped off in the night, believed to be running up to Moredan to get news of Shye’s family. Promising to retrieve her, you left at dawn rather than waiting for dusk as you had previously planned, and hiring some horses with a stable boy to escort you, you set off for Moredan.

A couple of hours into the journey you reached the river crossing, and suspecting an ambush dismounted and left the horses with the stable-hand to go back to Redvale. The party fought off two bugbear scouts, and Ola was heavily wounded, while the nameless monk found evidence that a young human, probably female, (probably Brys) had been caught here and tied up for a while, before being escorted off up toward the village by a number of goblins (probably around 3). He also discovered some crude chalk markings made by the captive suggesting that she was to be used as a trap and giving warning to anyone who was trying to track her. The party stopped for a short rest to heal and gather your bearings.

XP Round-Up
10xp for playing the crowd; 10xp for finding the chalk message, 400xp for defeating 2x bugbears = 420xp/5 party members: 84xp per character



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