The Dreams of the Dragon Kings

Before you left town, Andos approached you for a quiet word away from the locals where she told you that she had asked Ditri, the night he was killed, if he had heard the name Gethrel and that he had seemed quite startled that she knew the name and questioned her quite roughly. She told him he had been behind the attack on the Moredan Mines and he bade her keep the information to herself. Later than night she overheard Ditri and Briette discussing Gethrel, that one of their scouts who was captured by goblins and escaped heard the name discussed by them. She says that he sent a raven back to Haelkaedea later that night, and the following morning when she was given leave to go she went back to Loroven.

You headed down to the front to meet with Bastian and had an uneventful trip there. You found that the camp had expanded within the bounds of the palisades to accommodate the imperial soldiers who had travelled down with Kroth and passing through to the Black Arrows camp you found Blaine who escorted you to Bastian’s tent. He told you that Briette had been arrested on suspicion of assassinating Ditri but could tell you no more. When you arrived at Bastian’s tent, Samael and a woman you did not recognise of lower rank left and Bastian invited you in to talk. He told you that he had questioned Lanisse about the incident back in Loroven after you told him of her involvement, and that he believed, in light of Ditri’s death, she had misinterpreted the information that she came upon. She knew that an order had come from Haelkaedea to The Bell and Blossom calling for the assassination of one of the Commanders; Bastian said that he believed in her infatuation with him, she had simply assumed that he was the target. You asked him about Briette and he said he didn’t know much, but that Lara, the Acting Commander of the Ironstrike seemed convinced of her guilt. You relayed the information from Andos to him, and Bastian too seemed surprised that you had encountered Gethrel and that his name was a matter of secrecy in this camp, but you persuaded him to introduce you to Lara and see Briette to see if you might learn more from her.

Bastian and two of his men escorted you across to the Ironstrike Camp to Lara’s tent where you were introduced to her, and again relayed your information. She told you, in return, that a young soldier by the name of Aerun said he thought he had seen Briette sneaking in to the back of Ditri’s tent the night he was killed, but that he had thought little of it as it was well known that Briette was overly-fond of him and that they were friends. Briette had no alibi and swears she was asleep in her tent, so with no other evidence for or against, she remained in custody but Lara said she could not simply release her without some evidence to suggest that she was innocent. Lara and Bastian went with you to Briette to question her, but she could reveal no useful information, though you believed she was sincere in her insistence that she was in her tent and did not see Ditri again after they spoke earlier in the evening. She was clearly very distressed at his death and asked Lara if her family had been written to as she had requested.

Back in Bastian’s tent with just the three of you and Bastian and Lara, Melfice posited the theory that Gethrel had an influential friend in a high place in the capital who learned that Ditri had received information about his involvement through the missives he was sending back and had sent someone to have him killed. You concluded that in any regard, the assassin must have been someone already in Loroven, and you talked about a number of possibilities including Ferena, a companion, Andos and finally remembered that the minstrel from the Blossom, Doraiya, hadn’t been there the past few nights. While you were discussing the matter, a cry went up from across the camp and you all raced to the Imperials area to see what was happening. One of Kroth’s personal guards had been found dead with a puncture wound at the back of his neck and moments later, a roar from Kroth’s tent brought your attention to a shadow slipping away across the camp as Kroth staggered out, seething and shouting with a bleeding wound at his shoulder.

Melfice gave chase, followed swiftly by Thauvin, Brigit, Bastian and Samael, and you managed to follow the shadowy figure out of the camp and into an area of woodland where you started losing ground. Melfice used Faerie Fire to light up the attacked, and though you made several attempts to injure your quarry, (and they several to use magic, to no avail, against you) it was only when Melfice pushing onwards at great speed managed to get a lucky hit in that you took them down. Though the assailant looked completely unlike the redheaded minstrel from the Blossom, you deduced between her that though in a very effective disguise, it was indeed Doriaya that you had tracked down and killed. Samael carried her body back to the camp with you, and you presented her body to Kroth and were met with some acknowledgement but no thanks.

Briette was released from custody, and Bastian invited you to stay the night at the front and head back in the morning, which you did, and finding Blaine at a campfire you asked him to introduce you to Melfice’s replacement, Nova, before you settled down for the night. In the morning you returned to Loroven and there went straight to The Bell and Blossom to give the news to Ferena and ask to see Doraiya’s room. Struggling to believe her friend of seven years was an assassin, Ferena was reluctant to let you at her possessions, but was eventually persuaded and escorted you while you looked. Going through her room, you found amongst many unremarkable things, a paste cameo pendant which it transpired opened up as a locket via a secret catch with a very vicious ingestion poison inside called Midnight Tears. Melfice scraped the poison powder into a vial and etched into the metalwork underneath was a twin fanged dagger that Thauvin recognised as a sign belonging to a guild of assassins who were active before the civil war. You also found a letter in a locked drawer starting ‘Dear Sister’ which appeared to be written in a form of code akin to Thieves Cant naming a time and place in Kagain and a date a week away. A more comprehensive search of the room also revealed a movable piece of skirting board with a +1 Dagger and a single sending stone tucked into a nook behind.

XP Round-Up
1100xp for killing Doraiya, 50xp for clearing Briette’s name, 100xp for piecing together information on Gethrel.
1250xp/3 party members: 417xp per character.

Added to previous sessions’ xp (5226) puts Melfice, Thauvin and Brigit on 5643xp!

You stayed the night at the Blossom and in the morning when you came downstairs, Andos introduced you to a Dragonborn by the name of Hasvik and a young stealth-Tiefling by the name of Aneboda who had disembarked a cargo shop, The Venomous Wench, stopping at Loroven during the night. She said she had spent the evening chatting to them and suggested that Loroven was not a very welcoming place for strangers given recent events and asked if they might travel with you all to Redvale. Having spent some time getting to know your new companions (and eating the Blossom out of hearth and home), and checking in with Hraemr, the five of you left Loroven behind you at dusk and started making your way toward Kagain, through the hills.

Close to dawn, you managed to spot an incoming ambush of bugbears and a bugbear chief who you fought off, followed swiftly by another four. Further along the path you spotted where their tracks wove away into the hills, and Melfice and Aneboda scouted ahead to find an adult bugbear and her infant cooking over a fire. You dispatched them both, and then camped for the night in the hills, scalping the dead to collect a bounty in Kagain. The rest of the journey passed without interruption and you arrived in town late evening on the third day out of Loroven, where you handed in your evidence to Raefe and collected your bounty, and stopped for the night at The Dancing Nymph.

XP Round-Up
1650xp for 2x Bugbears + 1x Bugbear Chief, 1200xp for 4x Bugbears, 200xp for 1x Bugbear mother, 50xp for collecting the bounty at Kagain.
3100xp/6 party members: 517xp per character.

Added to previous sessions’ xp (5643 and 4600) puts Melfice, Thauvin and Brigit on 6160xp, and Hasvik and Aneboda on 5117xp!

You set off in the morning from Kagain and north into the hills toward Redvale. Part way along the path Melfice spotted movement in the foliage up ahead and you were set upon by a pack of Dire Wolves. Several of you were wounded along the way, but you managed to fight them off eventually and Hasvik and Brigit each skinned a wolf for their pelts before you headed onward. You reached Redvale in the afternoon of the following day, and there you returned Pellion’s father’s sword to her for which she gave you 100gp, a discount in her shop and her heartfelt thanks, you sold many of your gems and precious items to Genevere in exchange for a credit note which Melfice promptly used to commission a new Masterwork rapier set with an obsidian from Pellion, you sold spare armour, weapons and other items to the merchants in town and Hasvik and Brigit both commissioned work on their pelts from Thorun.

You failed to find a market for the magic dagger or the deadly poison, but Hasvik managed to haggle/intimidate the price down on a finely crafted cloak pin from Haelkaedea and Melfice intimidated information out of Brogan about the Assassin’s Guild. He told you that they were still operating but they were extremely quiet about it, and that he had been asked to prepare poisons for them in the past but had never met one himself. A letter also came back to Thauvin from Haelkaedea, explaining that his contact had inquired about Gethrel and learned that he was a member of the College of Mages when the civil war broke out, but that his investigations were shortly and swiftly shut down. He said you might learn more from a former elven companion of Gethrel’s by the name of Vaelenn last seen in Naimar to the west.

All but Brigit then went to The Gem to pass away the evening, where you caught up with Neris and Brys, the latter most excited to hear of your battles and adventures and handle the magical items you had acquired. Neris told you that Shye had returned home to her family where the Black Arrows were helping to rebuild Moredan, and that Brys had taken up weaponry training with Lothion one afternoon a week.

XP Round-Up
1500xp for 5x Dire Wolves, 200xp for returning Pellion’s Sword, 100xp for getting information out of Brogan, 50xp for inciting mischief in Brys.
1850xp/5 party members: 370xp per character.

Added to previous sessions’ xp (6160 and 5117) puts Melfice, Thauvin and Brigit on 6530xp, and Hasvik and Aneboda on 5487xp! That’s a level up for Melfice, Thauvin and Brigit!



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