The Dreams of the Dragon Kings

The Monk and Ola caught up with the rest of the party, finding Melfice down at The Yardarm who introduced them to Hraemr and caught them up on recent developments. They caught up with Brigit up at The Bell and Blossom who was busy trying to get to know the kitchen staff, and finally went up to The Phoenix Inn to join Thauvin, only moments after Bastian arrived there, one day earlier than expected. Melfice quickly inserted himself into the conversation between Bastian and Deryn, and introduced the former to the rest of you, and stayed with him until he left to turn in for the night after persuading him to go drinking with you all the following evening.

Melfice then went to his late night rendezvous with a representative from the local Thieves’ Guild who promptly sent the rest of the party packing, ascertainedMelfice’s motivations in contacting them, and presented him with a task as a form of test. They tasked him with retrieving an item of interest from a ruined fort in the mountains, south of Loroven, and mentioned that if he was seeking Adelyn, he might be interested to know that she was already on her way there, seeking the very same thing. To find the fort, they told him to head to the point where the two easternmost of the Totherenn mountains met, and with his back to the rising sun, to follow the gaze of the wolf.

Rather than risk leaving Bastian unguarded, you decided to stay the night in Loroven and go ahead with your drinking plans for the next day, posting yourselves on watch at each of the drinking establishments across the town. Mid-afternoon, Bastian went to The Phoenix Inn to chat to Elucia, and Melfice attempted to head him off again and was encouraged to give him some space. Ascertaining, once he left, that Elucia was not sneaking off to meet him, you met back at The Bell and Blossom and were joined by Bastian about an hour later, and a night of drinking ensued while you each kept careful watch and took measures to try and avert any possible attempts to assassinate him. Glasses were knocked, drinks spilt, food sampled and bar staff eyeballed, and if any attempts were made, they were not successful. When Bastian excused himself later in the evening, Melfice followed him and alerted the rest of you when he saw him heading back towards the Phoenix. Brigit sent her pseudodragon up to watch from above, while the rest of you charged into the Phoenix to find Elucia there and Bastian not, while Brigit saw through her familiar’s eyes Bastian meeting a cloaked figure in the streets behind.

You raced back out, splitting off into two parties to try and close in on the alleyway encounter. Melfice saw Bastian stumble back as the figure pelted away in the other direction, and shouted a warning allowing the others to intercept while he ran to Bastian’s aid. Ola tried to grapple the fleeing assailant, but was skilfully dodged, until the Monk took them down with his wazzy monk powers. The figure doubled over with a shriek, and Bastian (apparently neither stabbed nor poisoned) pulled himself upright and ran to her aid, revealing Lanisse under the cloak. Thauvin managed to administer some healing before more damage occurred, and in the confusion and anger that followed, Bastian drew a blade to protect her while Thauvin tried to explain what was happening, and Lanisse muttered apologies and tried to diffuse the situation, begging leave to go back to her guildhouse and recover from her injuries. As you left, you saw Elucia heading your way, who then quickly diverted.

With the confusing events of the night and several hours drinking behind you, you elected to stay another night in the town and head toward the fort first thing, only after checking in on Lanisse the following morning. You received a somewhat frosty reception at the Guildhouse, but she showed you into a private room and paid you one and a half times the gold she had promised, and said it had all been a mistake. When questioned more pointedly by Ola and Thauvin, she said that you had stumbled upon a lover’s tiff, nothing more, and mistaken it, but that the fault was not yours. It is unclear whether there ever was an assassination called, and if so whether it failed or was not attempted, whether Lanisse was involving you in a ploy to make sure Bastian and Elucia didn’t dare pursue a relationship together, or whether other things were going on behind the scenes. Regardless you got your gold, and Thauvin and the Monk, if not the others, were more than glad to put Loroven behind them and head out of town.

Having been paid, Melfice also checked in on Bastian and, finding him asleep, left him a note telling him that it was Lanisse that had put them up to keeping an eye on him and warned them that he was likely to get into trouble, explained why you acted as you did in the alleyway and told him you’d likely be back in town within the week. You then set off across the river and onto the southerly road toward the mountains, running approximately a day and a half behind Adelyn, to the best of your knowledge.

With dusk falling, just as you were about to turn off the path away from the fighting front to the south and cut across toward the fort, you heard sounds of fighting up ahead; howling, clashing of swords and shouting, and ran in prepared for a fight.

XP Round-Up
100xp for wrapping up business with Lanisse, 200xp for safely escorting Bastian for an evening with various diversions and shenanigans, and 50xp for character-developing RP.
350xp/5 party members: 70xp per character.

Added to previous sessions’ xp (2051/953) puts Melfice, Thauvin and Brigit on 2121xp, and Ola and the Monk on 1023xp!



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