The Dreams of the Dragon Kings

Following on up the path toward the gnoll camp, Melfice, Thauvin, Andos and Brigit took on a final gnoll pack lord and two gnolls, looted their corpses (on which you found a map depicting a point between two hills close by a river), and camped for the daylight hours with the horses. The next day you carried on and arrived at Loroven by dusk, handing off your horses to the local stablemaster as you had agreed with Haseran.

You went to The Yardarm and met Hraemr, the proprietor, and asked around for information on the blonde-haired thief, and learned that Bastian, commander of the Black Arrows was likely getting himself in trouble by making eyes at Elucia, proprietor of The Phoenix Inn and wife to Deryn. You met Ysola and Matthieu, the captain and first mate of The Lady Asorath which was docked in the harbour, drinking with their motley crew of seamen. You then checked in at the barracks where you met Blaine andSamael of the Black Arrows and Briette of the Ironstrike Militia and learned that both Ditri (commander of the Ironstrike Militia) and Bastian, were currently down at the front across the Dyan, but that Bastian was expected back in Loroven in the next few nights. You talked to the soldiers there; the consensus seemed to be that the fighting is at something of a stalemate, with many suffering long-term injuries and several killed but no ground being gained. Briette offered to take Fulaine’s message to Ditri but you suspected her motives and Melfice engaged Blaine to carry the message for you instead. He promised to take it the following morning. You witnessed some friction between Samael and Melfice but you gave Samael the weapons you had looted from the gnolls to resupply the Black Arrows and he agreed to get them to the troops.

You went to The Bell and Blossom and secured rooms there for your party, and met the owner, Ferena, a half-elf, and the resident minstrel Doraiya. You also met Lanisse, Mistress of the local Companion’s Guildhouse who chatted to you for a while and then inquired about hiring you for a delicate matter. You agreed to meet with her the following day. Melfice went looking for evidence of a Thieves Guild operating in Loroven using the information Brogan had given him, and left a message at a dead drop site that he was looking for work and to contact him by leaving a message with Hraemr. The three of you then passed the night at The Bell and Blossom. You do not know where Andos stayed. The night passed peacefully, but in the morning Melfice found a note tucked under his bags which read ‘I gather you are looking for me. I suggest you stop.’

The following day, Melfice, Thauvin and Brigit looked around the local trading post and then went to visit Lanisse at the Companion’s Guildhouse. She told you that she had learned that someone had hired an assassin to take out Bastian with poison; she doesn’t know who was responsible but agreed with your suggestion that Deryn seemed a likely suspect. She said she didn’t believeElucia had been unfaithful, but that Bastian usually got what he wanted, and that the young couple were used to big city life and perhaps didn’t realise the damage they might do to a small community with their personal drama. She said she expected that The Bell and Blossom would be the most likely place for the assassination attempt to occur, and offered you a mild poison to use in its place as a possible tactic to expose the failed attempt, if you could not find another means. She asked that you not make her involvement in your actions known to anyone, especially Bastian, and warned against going to him directly with the information as he would either not heed it, or would cause a scene and make matters much worse. She offered you 100gp for your services, if you could avert disaster discreetly.

Brigit then stayed to partake of the Guildhouse’s services, while Thauvin went to spend time at The Phoenix Inn to get a read on Elucia and Deryn. Deryn was not due there until later, but he chatted to Elucia and learned that she and Deryn were from Haelkaedea originally and came to Loroven to ‘live the dream by the seaside’. He offered his services as minstrel for the evening to better observe the couple and spent much of the rest of the day there. Meanwhile, Melfice went and dropped 50gp on Ysola and Matthieu asking to hire their men for a day to try and track down the blonde-haired thief, hoping that by making some more noise, you might draw her out. The name you were given for her was Adelyn. Meanwhile, a note was left for him withHraemr with a time and a place to meet, presumably from the Thieves Guild.

XP Round-Up
975xp for 1x gnoll pack lord + 2x gnolls, 25xp for tracking more information on the thief, 30xp for having the message delivered to Ditri, 50xp for helping to resupply the Black Arrows, 25xp for tracking down the Thieves Guild and 50xp for character-developing RP.
1155xp/3 party members (minus Ola and the Monk): 385xp per character.

Added to previous sessions’ xp (1666 p/c) puts Melfice, Thauvin and Brigit on 2051xp, and Ola and the Monk on 953xp!



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