The Dreams of the Dragon Kings

With Adelyn gone, you slotted the keystone into the vault door and opened it, and with a whirring of cogs and clunking of bolts the double doors unlocked and swung open, revealing a small room beyond with stairs down. You clattered down to the chamber below which had a small passageway opening into a grand vault. Several chests sat around the room, along with pieces of armour on stands, weapons and adornments on podiums and cases, shelves of bottles and vials and at the far end of the room a huge stone statue towering 15ft tall. Brigit instructed her familiar to fly into the room and grab the shiniest thing it could find, and the moment its talons touched a gemstone, the statue came to life and swung at the familiar (missing it) and began stomping across the room towards you all, the ground shaking and dust filtering down from the disturbed stone.

Acting quickly, you each grabbed an item from the vault Thauvin and Brigit snatching a pair of goggles and crystal lenses, the Monk grabbing a pair of gloves and Ola seizing a shield emblazoned with an eye; Melfice darting across the room to get the item he was sent to retrieve and the rest of you barrelled back out to the stairs with the pseudodragon. Melfice hesitated, spying another item he wanted and took a heavy blow across the shoulder from the golem. Ducking around its legs, he grabbed a pair of boots and raced out after the rest of you, and you clambered up the stairs, threw the vault door closed and locked it. You ‘kindly’ left a note on the door for other adventurers alluding to the danger within, and then promptly took the keystone and hurried back up to the upper levels of the dungeon to rest in the ammo room.

The night passed without incident while you each took the time to learn how to use the items that you had retrieved, and the following day you made your way safely back to Loroven, to discover the town overflowing with soldiers bearing the imperial standard, and rumours that High Champion Kroth, the Half-Orc councillor from the Warrior’s Guild was among them. Stopping by The Yardarm, you picked up a message from Bastian asking Melfice to come and see him, and a pouch of coins from Ysola and noted that The Lady Asorath had left port. Hraemr warned you that one of the Black Arrows,Samael had been heard smack-talking Hroth, and Melfice spoke to a couple of the Black Arrows and learned that news had just reached the town and was being kept under wraps that Ditri, commander of the Ironstrike, was dead. Lurking around town and listening to the chatter of the soldiers, you could learn of no ulterior motives to the sudden appearance of the imperial soldiers, but at The Bell and Blossom you nearly got into a fight with some of them when you heard them direct a racial slur atFerena and took offence on her behalf. Dropping by The Phoenix Inn, you saw Kroth in person and Melfice tried and failed to garner more information from him about what he and his men were doing in Loroven, but you did learn that they were marching down to the front at first light.

Ola and the Monk decided to head north to Haelkaedea to gather more information, and you parted ways. Melfice, Brigit and Thauvin then dropped by the town hall to leave more supplies with Blaine and confront Samael who flatly denied saying anything about Kroth and sneered at you for not re-joining the fight, though you weren’t convinced by his bullshit. You went to the Companion’s Guild and persuaded Lanisse to see you, and there you apologised for your demeanour the last time you met, and gave her a gift of the pearl pendant by way of an apology. Brigit hired a companion for herself and another for Melfice so that you had rooms and someone to pamper you for the night, while Thauvin earned his keep by playing at The Bell and Blossom, and Melfice left a message for the Thieves Guild and got one in return with an arrangement to meet the following day.

When you went to the Blossom for breakfast, the soldiers were all gone, and you found Andos there. She said she had been down at the front lending aid at the camp, and thatDitri had been assassinated in his tent, but they didn’t know who by. She said she had plans to travel to Redvale to tell Fulaine because Briette was trying to keep the news from reaching her, and you invited her to travel with you when you got back from the front, which she agreed to do. Attending your meeting with the Thieves Guild, you met with a different representative by the name of Chet, a young rogue in their late teens or early twenties who collected the item and extended an invitation to meet the Guildmaster. Melfice persuaded them to allow his companions to join too, and Chet agreed. That night you followed a shadowy figure from behind The Yardarm to a warehouse out at the edge of docks and there, the three of you met Gavarre, the Guildmaster for Loroven and acquired a new quest to retrieve a box with certain markings inscribed on it from the Tower of Ugon, a tower belonging to a wizard who had not been seen in some time on the coast of the southern plains outside of the human lands. He gave you a crude map of the area.

Your plans going forward were to go to the front to speak to Bastian, to travel to Tam to pass on news of Enger, to go to Redvale to return the masterwork rapier to Pellion and then to head south and across the river at Kagain to head through the mountains, around the fighting and towards the Tower of Ugon.

XP Round-Up
500xp for completing the Thieves’ Guild quest, 100xp for rebuilding bridges with the Companion’s Guild, 50xp for standing up for Ferena and 50xp for supplying the Black Arrows with more weapons.
700xp/3 party members: 234xp per character.

Added to previous sessions’ xp (4992) puts Melfice, Thauvin and Brigit on 5226xp!



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