The Dreams of the Dragon Kings

The party settled down for a night’s rest, disturbed only by one curious goblin on Melfice’s watch who was quickly dispatched. In the morning, you headed back to the main cavern and cut north through the smelting room and past a burned corpse and on to a small stock room. Thauvin discovered a crossbow trap but failed to disarm it and was shot in the side, while The Monk retrieved the 63 bars of iron and agreed to carry them with Ola so that you might return them to the village.

Trying the rest of the adjoining passages, Thauvin finally retrieved his throwing axe before the party pushed north into another cavern and a mostly-empty storage chamber, and then went skidding down a steep slope into a chamber with an underground river where Finn was fighting desperately against the current to avoid getting dragged downstream. You jumped in, ropes in hand and managed to pull her out just in time as the water threatened to sweep her away, looted the bloody corpse of the goblin she had been fighting before toppling in, and once Thauvin had healed her wounds, Melfice promised her an item of treasure you’d found in exchange for taking Brys safely back to Redvale.

Pushing in through a southern passage, you successfully traversed another drop shaft and clambered back up a set of steep passages toward the northernmost chamber where again the river cut through the mountain. Here, you dispatched two goblin archers and crossed the river just in time to meet the Hobgoblin Ovak as he came charging out of the crescent chamber with one last goblin. He was no match for your numbers, and you swiftly slew the goblin and took Ovak down, only pausing at the last moment to spare his life at Deos’s plea, so that you might question him.

In the crescent chamber beyond, you discovered what the goblins had been coveting: a large long vein of Redvale ruby, or Dragonfire gems almost 2ft high and 20ft long, and Thauvin regaled you with the tale of Joriah’s Peak:

Folk legend would have it that almost seven-hundred years ago, the Arch-Wizard Joriah trapped a mighty red dragon Egoroth inside the bowels of the mountain with powerful magics, and that Egoroth thrashed about in anger, spewing flames so fierce that they filled every crack and crevice in his chamber and forced veins of fire through the very rockwork of the mountain itself. All across the plains, those who looked toward the mountain could see plumes of smoke rising from small fissures in the rock as the flames found air once more, but heavy rainfall from a storm brewing overhead cooled the dragonfire so fast that it crystallised in its path; and Egoroth’s tomb was sealed fast.
That storm raged for a full week, devastating houses and farms for miles around; it went down in history as the Tenday Storm. Some say it was nature balancing itself, for when great magics are used to shape and carve the earth to such a task, nature takes its own back from the land. Others say it was the howls of Egoroth that brought the storm upon them with such ferocity, lashing out in his final hours.

XP Round-Up
25xp for 1x goblin, 50xp for saving Finn, 25xp for character developing rp, 150xp for 3x goblin guards, 300xp for 1x hobgoblin, 50xp for folk legend.
600xp/5 party members: 120xp per character.

Added to previous sessions’ xp (645 p/c) puts you all on 765xp!

As you tied up Ovak’s unconscious body and took away his weapons, Melfice went through his pouches and found an unsigned letter that read ‘Redvale have called for aid. Expect intruders. It is imperative that you hold the mine until I arrive.’ Ola, Melfice and Thauvin roused the hobgoblin and questioned him, with Melfice’s careful applications of pain in pursuit of information. Proud and contemptuous, the hobgoblin spat and snarled at you, but finally gave up what little he knew. He told you a man had come upon his raiding party in the mountains south of Kagain, across the Dyan river, and slew all but him. He then charged him with hiring a tribe of goblins to come and take the mine, with the promise of gold, power and command of a larger force if he succeeded. He did not know the man’s race or profession, but said that he was a magic user of some description, and that you might as well kill him now, as if you did not, then this man would. In his dying gasps, he uttered the name ‘Gethrel’. Meanwhile Deos had slipped away unnoticed.

You rested for a short while before heading out of the mine, clearing one last chamber along the way where the goblins had been stuffing their ill-gotten gains, skillfully picking the lock and disarming a poorly disguised bear trap. Once out of the mines, you spoke to the village elder in Moredan to ask the villagers not to return to the mines just yet, under the ruse that the hobgoblin boss still remained within in order to give yourselves time to decide what to do about Gethrel, if indeed he was still on his way. The village elder bade you take the iron down to Redvale where they would be expecting a shipment at the Merchant’s Guild and you headed back down the mountainside toward Redvale.

In crossing back over the river, Thauvin spotted a dark shape upstream, and upon investigating further you discovered the corpse of Enger who had been cut through with a blade and left to swept away by the current. You gave him a decent burial, and took a stone from his tomb and the sabretooth necklace from his throat so that you might return them to his tribe, and then carried on back to Redvale.

Once in the town, you saw that Brys was safely home and returned Neris’ crossbow, who promised you free food and board at The Little Gem whenever you needed it, and you relayed your information to Fulaine in private. After some discussion, you agreed to return to Moredan with her the next day to check the mines were clear and allow the miners to go back to work so that you could collect your reward. Melfice gave Finn the necklace he promised her, and paid her to carry a message to Loroven the next day to requisition some mercenaries from the Black Arrow to protect the mines. You traded the majority of your gems to Brogan in exchange for alchemical fire and an alchemist’s kit, and learned that he had been rejected from the Merchant’s Guild due to having previously dealt in dangerous substances for a more shadowy organisation. Brogan insisted that he was (mostly) on the straight and narrow now and asked you to see if the Guild could be persuaded to rethink their opinion of him, and in exchange he’d give Melfice some information that may be of interest to him. He also told you that a couple of caravans had been attacked en route to Redvale from Suvenn, though the escorts had been left alive. Thauvin sent a message via Brogan’s trade caravans back to Haelkaedea to a friend, to see if he could learn anything from the College of Mages about Gethrel.

Thauvin retrieved his deposit from the stablemaster and you went to see Genevere, the gemcutter, and Thauvin managed to both get a good price on the rough ruby, and get Genevere to put in a good word for Brogan with the Guild. You also told her about the vein that had been discovered in the mines. You sold some weapons to Pellion and learned that her father’s last and best creation, a masterwork rapier set with a Redvale ruby had been stolen just a two days prior by a woman in black leather armour with platinum blonde hair who had since skipped town. At the armoursmith’s, you ordered a set of splintmail for Ola from Thorun who, like Thauvin hailed from Gognomar, and admired the magical shield that was on display in his shop. Thorun said he had earned it in trade from a wizard by the name of Eridan from Haelkaedea.

Thauvin and Ola took the iron to the Merchant’s Guild, where Thauvin managed to convince the guildmaster to reconsider Brogan’s membership, and the guildmaster gave you a receipt to take to Moredan with the promise that their goods would follow up over the coming days. Meanwhile Melfice returned to the bar to discover Andos had returned, and learned that not only does she not remember where she’s from originally or what her given or chosen names were, but that she doesn’t seem to remember much about Drow culture at all. Discussing where to go next, you all agreed that you would head towards Loroven in case the goblin skirmishes there were linked to the attacks in the mines, and that you would travel via the village of Kagain which may have been overlooked by the goblins during the civil war, making it a prime target now. You agreed to travel in approximately four days time and invited Andos to travel with you, as she too intended to head for Loroven.

XP Round-Up
100xp for getting information out of Ovak, 20xp for picking the lock to the loot chamber, 20xp for disarming the bear trap, 50xp for returning the iron to Redvale via Moredan, 25xp for finding and burying Enger, 50xp for getting the Guild to reconsider Brogan’s membership, 125xp for returning Brys safely and uninjured, 250xp for completing the Moredan Mines quest and reporting in to Fulaine, 50xp for selling the Redvale ruby to Genevere and telling her about the vein, and 50xp for character developing rp.
740xp/5 party members: 148xp per character.

Added to previous sessions’ xp (645 p/c) puts you all on 913xp! Ding!

Also, having looked through everyone’s RP items again, I think everyone has earned an inspiration die. Melfice has been throwing himself on the line for other characters, Ola’s been gleefully hurling and receiving insults, the monk has been talking about fate and the cosmic plan, Thauvin has been spinning historical tales and Brigit has been embracing the ‘fun’, even in the midst of danger.



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